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Shades of Color
Corner Stone of Naval Aviation
Sunny Beach
Virginia Beach
Majestic Atlantic
First Landing State Park
Salute To warriors
Giant Wheel
Sea Shell
Welcome Turtle
Blue Christmas Tree
Aquarium Wall
Virginia Aquamarine Center
King Neptune
Monkey with Cuteness
Painting: Village House
Painting: Camel with shadow
Painting: सिंहगडाची पायवाट
Painting: Two Boats in a River
Heart of Himachal
"It was sunsets that taught me that beauty sometimes only lasts for a couple of moments, and it was sunrises that showed me that all it takes is patience to experience it all over again." — A.J. Lawless
Squirrel taking long leap above the flowers
A very young baby elephant playing peek-a-boo behind his mom in Samburu, Kenya
MCA International Stadium, Gahunje, Pune
Indian Peafowl - Call For The Rain
Stunning sunrise over the Adriatic Sea
Wanaka Tree New Zealand
North American wood duck with reflection
Rufous Sibia
The jungle babbler
Pykara Waterfalls
Lord Buddha
Baikal seal Mother and her baby
Purple Sunbird male in eclipse plumage
Harvesting water lily
Black-Naped Monarch
The frame with Purple Sunbirds
Talsari Beach , Digha, Orissa
Rani Roopmati's Pavilion , Mandu , MP