When deep blue see meets with Rocks
Bura Madmaheshwar
All things are bright and green
Khasi hills, India
Shri Shwaminarayan Temple Toronto, Canada
Neist point, Isle of Skye
Dzukou valley
Victoria Memorial
The road to greatness is lonely  but the view is worth it
Morning Light
An observation always leave a reflection
Goram Ghat Railway Station
Beauty of nature at Nohkalikai Falls
Shivneri Fort Trekking Photos
Season of fallen leaves
Tsamgo Lake
Grasshopper on the spider trap
Deep in the sky
Praying is the perfect peace
Chiyalekh on the Kailash
A butterfly after rains
Butterfly Beach, Palolem, Goa
Kingfisher Bird
Reflection Stories from the beaches of Mandarmani
Nubra Valley - Leh
Traw Necklace at Meghalaya
Baby Sambar with it's Mother
Nako Lake View
A Tired Sun
Beautiful River
Ladakh in Winter
Hornbill World
Fire in the Sky
Blue Heron   Merrit Island, Florida
Nohkalikai fall Meghalaya,India
Little Grebe water birds
Roadside View at Naneghat