Ramakrishna Temple, Belur Math

Ramakrishna Temple, Belur Math, is a place of international pilgrimage significant due to the fact that Swami Vivekananda placed the relics of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa here and envisioned a unique temple to house them.
Ramakrishna Temple: Belur Math
1. In the Garbha Mandira (Sanctum Sanctorum) of the Temple, Sri Ramakrishna's marble image is enthroned on a marble lotus platform with Brahmi Hansa engraved on it. His sacred Relics are preserved inside the platform.
2. One Bhandaar (store of sacred articles) is annexed behind the Garbha Mandira bearing above the Shayan Kaksha (recline chamber) of the deity. The kitchen for preparing the bhoga (cooked food for offering), however, is at a separate place behind the Garbha Mandira.
3. The canopy above the deity was made by a carpenter from Salkia (4 km South of Belur Math) with a special teak wood brought from Burma (Myanmar).
4. The Garbha Mandira rests on a concrete foundation slab of 27 square metres area and more than 1 metre thick.
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